Tidewoken is a multiplayer turn-based battle arena, focusing on both player vs player battles and co-op dungeons. Create unique character builds and choose from 4 classes48 skills per class, and more than 30 perks, allowing you to create thousands of different builds.

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We love replayability. With hundreds of different skills, 4 classes, and additional perks we ensure that every match is unique.


Bring up to 3 more players with you, or try to beat them alone! Each dungeon has multiple rooms and bosses with distinctive behaviors.


Search for worthy opponents in tactical and challenging player vs player battles. Both 1 vs 1 and 3 vs 3 will be available on launch.


Can I already play Tidewoken?

Tidewoken is not yet ready for release, but we are doing regular play-testing of the game. The best chance to try the game is to join our Discord Server and follow the game on Steam.

How can I support the development?

The best way to support the development is to wishlist the game on Steam, join our playtests, and tell your friends about it! We’re a tiny game studio without a marketing budget, so each individual player is really important to us.

Why is this website so simple?

I haven’t found time to learn how to make a proper website while also working on the game. If you’re interested in improving it, shoot me a message! 🙂

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