About Tidewoken

Tidewoken is a multiplayer turn-based combat strategy game with heavy focus on competitive PvP.  You choose between 5 character classes and over 200 unique skills to defeat your opponents.

Play one versus one while controlling multiple characters or fight together with your team in three versus three, each of you focusing on a sole character.
Unlock new Abilites and Ornaments for your characters, find the strongest skill combinations and win in the Tournament of the Tidewoken.

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Character Customization and an endless amount of skill combinations. With 200+ skills and 5 character classes a Tidewoken match will always be refreshing and fun.
If that wouldn’t be enough, customize your playstyle with over 25 Ornaments.

100% Skill, 0% Random. Win by outsmarting your opponent. Tidewoken has no random values or effects. A pure competitive player vs player experience.

Beautiful handcrafted environments and maps to play on. Each environment comes with different map layouts. Replayability guaranteed.

Steam integration & matchmaking. Host lobbies and invite your friends through Steam or climb the ladder in competitive matchmaking.


In Tidewoken each character can equip up to 9 skills, with over 45 skills per character class to choose from.

Most skills don’t just do damage or heal, each of them is special in its own way and most can be used differently in changing situations.

Skills can deal damage, heal allies, apply buffs and debuffs, place Wards & Traps, push or pull characters, teleport characters or even change your form.


Each character attribute features its own talent-tree, called Ornaments.
Ornaments range from basic beneficial effects like bonus damage, to more complex game-changing buffs.

We will reveal more of this mechanic soon!


All Tidewoken maps are handcrafted and immersive while being the foundation of excellent gameplay. Explore the battlefields of the Tidewoken lore:

Kuundra’s Cage

Aphase’s City In The Sky

Venphyra’s Timeless Desert

Current status

Tidewoken is currently in development and steering towards its first closed alpha test.
Four out of five character classes are fully playable, 189 skills (not counting summon abilities) are useable.

Both current gameplay modes, 2 Player 2 vs 2 and 6 Player 3 vs 3 are functional and ready.

Tidewoken’s planned release date is Late 2020 on Steam.


Please reach out to us on support@tidewoken.com if you have any questions about the game!
Join the official Discord Server for additional news and contact with the developers, testing access and more: